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Digvijay & Mithilas Wedding Highlights

    Digvijay & Mithilas Wedding Highlights
    Posted On August 01,2019                 
    Digvijay & Mithilas Wedding Highlights , one and only Daughter getting Married is a life changing moment, a small baby grows up and one fine day gets married and start a new life, and the thought always troubled me since she was a kid, but never ever thought that she would give me a lifetime gift called Digvijay, her husband, who is not our Son-in-law but actually more our Son.. Loads of Blessings to both of them....Uploading this Video so all my well wishers can also bless the couple... Thankyou This Shooting was done by Ganesh Mahadik and his team from Satara , and event managed By Omkar Amle and his team...